Sunday — 14:00

Book release and presentation:
Studio Les ballets C de la B
Bijlokekaai 1, Ghent

Book launch: Wat. is. dit?
Jan De Vylder

Book launch and presentation: 14-18:00

Friday — 11:00

Cultuurcentrum Strombeek
Gemeenteplein 1
1853 Strombeek-Bever

Posture on view at cc Strombeek

During 2020, museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent provides a showcase to Posture Editions.
The second edition on view, is ‘Horaizon’ by the artist Meggy Rustamova.

Saturday — 14:00

Book release at Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K.
Jan Hoetplein 1, Ghent

registration required

Book launch: Horaizon
Meggy Rustamova

The title of the book and the exhibition, HORAIZON, refers to the phonetic pronunciation of the English word ‘horizon’, the boundary line on which the earth’s surface and the sky seem to touch. The horizon, interpreted as ‘boundary’ or ‘line’, is equally perceptible in language, when reading between the lines, or when travelling between international borders. The contours of the land, trees or buildings, which contrast with the sky, but also the contours of shadows can be observed in many of the images in the exhibition. The works also suggest a longing for what lies behind the horizon and invite the viewer to make an imaginary journey.
Opening exhibition: 14 – 18:00
Book launches at 15:00 a,d 17:00 (Intervies with Meggy Rustamova by Ann Cesteleyn)

Friday — 20:00

Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14

film screening till 22.03.2020

Book launch: Labyrinth Nikolaas Demoen

Labyrinth takes us on a walk through the spaces constructed within the pages of the book and visualises a world in which the exit can’t be found.
With the morphology of the house (windows, doors, steps and curtains) and the theatre (curtains, stage, perspective), a world is evoked in which nothing can serve as a point of reference.

The book launch coincides with Demoen’s film screening of Papers, Books and Bolero which is a dialogue between French philosophers, fictionalized in cardboard, and found images in books and miscellaneous documents; it suggests in fact a possible relation between the different images.
The film features on the one hand works belonging to the history of art (Tiepolo, Palladio,…) and on the other hand images from glossy magazines (Purple Fashion, Vogue). Both very different sources are linked through sculptural artefacts made from cardboard and clay.
On the rhythm of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, one by one the papers and books appear, gradually intoxicating the audience’s senses.

20:00 talk with Nikolaas Demoen and Koen Brams
20:30 screening Papers, Books and Bolero


Cultuurcentrum Strombeek
Gemeenteplein 1
1853 Strombeek-Bever

Posture on view at Cc Strombeek

During 2020, museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent provides a showcase to Posture Editions.
The first edition on view, is ‘Morning Change’ by the artist Heide Hinrichs.


Former public library,
Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein
entrance parkside, 1st floor

Book launch
Fri 6 Dec: 19:00
exhibition & temporary bookshop:
Sat 7 Dec: 14 – 18:00
Sun 8 Dec: 14 – 18:00

Book launch: Morning Change
Heide Hinrichs

On the occasion of the book Morning Change, Posture Editions invites Heide to conceive an installation in their temporary office, on the first floor of the former public library in Ghent.
Besides this exhibition and the book, Posture takes the opportunity to present all available editions on a book-sculpture, made by Koba De Meutter.
On Friday 6 Dec at 8 pm, Philippe Van Cauteren introduces Heide Hinrichs’s work.

‘It sounds like a moan. To speak to birds, to speak to animals, her whole body a tongue. Not in the flourishes of posture or gesticulating hands, no. Reducing meaning to one, reducing communication to a pure tone, a sine wave, so there is no confusion. A pure note, but a deep one, her whole body a tongue.’
From ‘Morning Change’, essay by Elizabeth Haines


Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

Fri 22 Nov: 12:00-20:00
Sat 23 Nov: 12:00-20:00
Sun 24 Nov: 12:00-20:00

Book launch
‘Morning Change’
Sun 24 Nov – 14:00

Printing Plant Art Book Fair, Amsterdam

In conjunction with Amsterdam Art Weekend, 22 – 24 November 2019, Looiersgracht 60 is delighted to be organising the second edition of Printing Plant – an intimate three-day art book fair for like-minded, independent publishers and interested audiences.
With over 80 (inter)national publishers, Printing Plant will present a remarkable selection of artist editions, catalogues, books, monographs, periodicals and zines that are generally unavailable in bookshops.
The unique housing, and history, of Looiersgracht 60 will be utilised to correspond to the etiquette of the fair. Prior to its current use as an exhibition centre for art, design and architecture, Looiersgracht 60 was home to a cardboard and paper factory that also printed pamphlets, posters and cards for artists and museums.

Posture Editions is participating and will pre-launch ‘Morning Change’, a book on movement, location and nomadism in the oeuvre of the Brussels based German artist Heide Hinrichs.
Publisher Nikolaas Demoen and artist Heide Hinrichs will re-draw the lines between the three groups of works: the horse, Silent Sisters / Stille Schwestern together with a series of drawings and installations that were conceived in response to DICTEE and On Some of the Birds of Nepal (Parting the Animal Kingdom of the East).
Demoen and Hinrichs invite you to listen to the subtle threads woven against louder tones to create temporary constellations.

Saturday — 16:00

Netwerk Aalst
Houtkaai 15

Opening exhibition:
Sat 9 Nov: 14:00 – 18:00
Till 8 Dec

Book launch: Noctuary
Renée Lorie

‘Noctuary’ is an EXHIBITION at Netwerk Aalst that examines the spacial possibilities of the photographic work in the book.
The book and the exhibition are a reflection on the idea of the impossibility to capture life in photography. According to Roland Barthes, taking a photograph doesn’t involve recording a moment in time (i.e. preserving this moment for eternity, as numerous publicity slogans promise us), but precisely bidding farewell.

On the occasion of the book launch and the exhibition, there will be a talk at 4 pm, between the artist, Posture Editions and Netwerk Aalst.


Saturday 11:00-21:00
Sunday 11:00-18:00
Free entrance

The WIELS Art Book Fair is back!
Over the weekend of 7 & 8 September, WIELS welcomes independent art publishers to present their work. Free and open to the public, this annual event allows book lovers, collectors, artists and art professionals to discover a wide variety of printed productions, from zines and artist books to art catalogues and artist editions.
A side programme of talks, book signings, readings and performances makes this weekend a unique moment devoted to publishing and art-book culture.
More info

Wednesday — 19:00

Book release at the opening of the exhibition
Gowie, Kleine Markt 7-9, Antwerp

Lutgart De Meyer
a river in a room

The exhibition ‘Daily Pleasures’ presents the work of Lutgart De Meyer (b. 1924). As one of the founding members of the Antwerp avant-garde movement G58, she dedicated herself to ceramics and soon got recognized as one of the key figures establishing the artistic autonomy of this medium. Besides the sculptures and design objects she created in her first period, the exhibition also shows her recent work. Aged 94, Lutgart De Meyer works nowadays mostly with textiles and objects found on her walks through the city.
‘a river in a room’ is a book published by Posture Editions and curated by Liesbet Waegemans.
Both the book and the exhibition give an insight into the artist’s playful vision on art and the art world.


Lange Steenstraat 14, 9000 Ghent

019and APE-art & books are proud to present the 5th edition of the GHENT ART BOOK FAIR on the 11th and 12th of May at (and in collaboration with) Kunsthal Gent. Showcasing contemporary art books by more than 60 (inter)national independent publishers, GABF 19 brings a new extensive program besides book launches and signings. An interesting side program will include international publishers’ and designers’ lectures, artists’ performances, workshops and exhibitions. All presented in the brand new Kunsthal Gent located in the city center of Ghent. On the same weekend, at the same location there’s also Zine Happening V by Les VoiZines taking place.
Sat: 12:00 — 20:00
Sun: 11:00 — 18:00

Thursday — 20:30

Book launch event Thursday 28.03.2019 — 20:30
Talk with Philippe Van Cauteren, Koen Brams, Nikolaas Demoen & Philippe Van Snick
S.M.A.K. Ghent

Philippe Van Snick

Posture Editions celebrates its 30th publication with a special artist’s multiple by Philippe Van Snick. ‘Huis’ [House] has been created specifically for Posture Editions and consists of 10 silkscreened compositions that together constitute an architectural game.
The 10 + 1 colours appear in various shapes and places on the five folded sheets of paper. The printed sheets of art paper constitute a loose-leaf collection and each of the sheets is a work of art in itself.
Book presentation with talk between Philippe Van Cauteren, Koen Brams, Nikolaas Demoen & Philippe Van Snick (Dutch spoken)

Saturday — 14:00

Book signing
at rodolphe janssen

Sanam Khatibi
My garden is wilder than yours

Sanam Khatibi (b. 1979) is a Brussels based artist, born in Tehran, Iran. Her works deal with animality and the core of her practice interrogates our relationship to power structures, specifically the duality of triumph and failure. The recurrent themes that often feature in her work question our relationship with excess, loss of control, bestiality, the male-female dynamics, domination and submission. She is also interested in the thin line that exists between fear and desire, and how closely they are interrelated.
Her subjects live on their impulses in alluring, exotic landscapes. They are ambiguous with their relationship to power, violence, sensuality and each other. Wildlife and animals are an integral part of her practice, and her subjects are often depicted within the same plane as the flora and fauna.
More info

Friday — 12:00

In conjunction with Amsterdam Art Weekend, 23-25 November 2018, Looiersgracht 60 is organising a bespoke and intimate 3-day art-book fair for like-minded, independent publishers. Artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam’s history, one that is often overlooked. As there is currently no book fair focusing on art books in Amsterdam, we would like to take this opportunity to offer a new platform for the progressive publications that artists and publishing houses are producing.

Fri.: 12:00 > 21:00 / Sat. + Sun.: 12:00 > 20:00

Sunday — 11:00

Book release at the Roger Raveelmuseum, Machelen-Zulte

Laura van
Sex met verf

Posture Editions and Laura van (b. 1957) worked on a publication with still lifes by van. The works, for which the artist uses only oils, are without photographic point of departure: they are the result of an inflection of what the artist observes on the table in his living and working space. They are therefore anecdotal-autobiographical in nature — a nature that is emphatically determined by the motorial and psychological intentions of the moment.
Exhibition at the Roger Raveelmuseum till 24.02.2019
More info

Thursday — 20:00

Launched at LLS Paleis, Antwerp

Koba De Meutter
So that afternoon …

So That Afternoon We Both Made an Empty Circle is a book with visual work that is the result of two recent artist’s residences in Mexico. Koba De Meutter (b. 1992) combines sculpturally adaptable modules (consisting of metal rods and ‘holders’) with found material in deliberate actions or chance events, often in public spaces.
In the book, photographs of her interventions in Mexico City are combined with a series of drawings she made during her second residence in art centre Casa Wabi. The drawings feature imaginary characters from her memories of her stay in Mexico City—yet they are no less realistic or near.

Sound act with 4 recorders, Koba De Meutter, Stella Lohaus, Gerard Herman and Nikolaas Demoen.

The book is realised in the context of Residencias Artistias por Intercambio R.A.T., Casa Wabi, and AIR Antwerp.

Friday — 20:00

Launched at deSingel Antwerp, Muziekstudio

Sophie Nys
Not To Be Fed …

A project based on ‘Curating the Library’ (by Moritz Küng & Richard Venlet – deSingel 2003-09).
A book with 75 drawings by LUCA students, inspired by Laurence Sterne’s ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’.

Event with a lecture by Peter de Voogd, introduced by Moritz Küng.

The book is realised in cooperation with LUCA School of Arts campus Sint-Lucas Ghent and Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven.

Saturday — 20:00

Launched at P/////AKT, Amsterdam on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition The Form of Decay

Nicolás Lamas
The Attraction of the Mountains

Nicolás Lamas’ work derives from an interest in constructing material interactions, frictions, attractions and repulsions, dichotomies between the similar and the incompatible, between vacuum and matter. Most of his projects focus on examining notions of stability and order by distorting the logics of perception through objects and materials that somehow don’t belong together, constantly arranging a notion of knowledge that escapes systemic procedures.
The Attraction of the Mountains is a book about conservation, dislocation, presentation and an attempt to explain why nothing in the world lasts for ever, though — sometimes fades away in beauty.

Opening event: talk with Alejandro Alonso Díaz, Nicolás Lamas and Bori Borbala Soos, introduced by Nikolaas Demoen.