Dieter Durinck non edition FPSS_01-17

Nº 53 / May
€ 360 available

On the occasion of the book ‘Bootleg Paintings’, Dieter Durinck created 17 screenprint/oil paintings. Each work is unique and the series will be on display on the closing weekend of the exhibition at Kunsthal Gent (till Sunday 14/05).
The 17 works are composed of grids and graphic patterns that Dieter combines with the bootleg paintings in the book. Many of the compositions are also based on the designs Durinck made for the advertisements at the back of the book.

‘Non edition of 17 screenprint/oil paintings’
Size: 40 × 30 cm, acrylic and oil on green MDF
Price: € 360,00
Delivered in combination with a signed copy of the book ‘Bootleg Paintings’

Order by e-mail, specifying the number of the chosen painting.

The book is available
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