Nikolaas Demoen Oog.Blue

Nº 0 / September 2011
ISBN 978 94 9126 200 5
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“In every image in Oog.Blue, a concentrated yet playful attention to ordinary hands, eyes, legs and feet is confronted with a formal and aesthetic concentration, and the result is a combination that does not offer any unambiguous meaning and holds the attention precisely for this reason.
Nikolaas Demoen’s (b. 1965) work does not ‘focus’, it is not intended to solve social or political problems, it is not clear who or what it ‘examines’, it does not challenge art history, nor does it seek alliance with it, it is not critical of this or that – it is work that makes the space and the distance between an action and a final result visible and tangible, just as hands do when we look at them long enough.
In his Cahiers, Paul Valéry wrote ‘What is finished has not been made’. The works in Oog.Blue are finished precisely because they have been made.”
From: ‘In Praise of Hands’ Christophe Van Gerrewey, in: Oog.Blue

84 pages, 21 × 30 cm

Launched at the exhibition L’inconnu in Netwerk/center for contemporary art, Aalst
10.09 – 20.11.2011
With the support of Netwerk/center for contemporary art, Aalst and Designvlaanderen

The book is sold out