Koba De Meutter So That Afternoon We Both Made an Empty Circle

Nº 27 / July 2018
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Koba De Meutter (b. 1992) creates So That Afternoon We Both Made an Empty Circle, a book with visual work that was the result of two recent artist’s residences in Mexico. De Meutter combines sculpturally adaptable modules with found material in deliberate actions or chance events, often in public spaces. In the book, photographs of her interventions in Mexico City are combined with a series of drawings she made during her second residence in art centre Casa Wabi. The drawings feature imaginary characters from her memories of her stay in Mexico City — yet they are no less realistic or near.

The book is realised in the context of Residencias Artistias por Intercambio R.A.T., Casa Wabi, and AIR Antwerp.

96 pages, 21 × 30 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 228 9
Introduction by Gijs Milius

Launched at LLS Paleis, Antwerp

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