Hannelore Van Dijck een vogel vliegt op

Texts by Leonie Rodrian, Bob Vanden Broeck
Nº 41 / May 2021
ISBN 978 94 9126 242 5
€ 35 available

Een vogel vliegt op is a book about Hannelore Van Dijck’s recent ink drawings and artist books. This publication crystallizes her search for a fluid way of working, a search for movement, rhythm and leaks.
In 2012, Posture published her very first publication So grün war mein Tal, with images of 11 temporary in situ projects that no longer existed at the time of the publication. The spatial installations (2008-12) almost all consisted of large wall or floor drawings, fantastic trompe l’oeils made in charcoal, of which she will realise many more after the 1st book.
Een vogel vliegt op contains, besides 2 recent, spatial realisations in Lyon and Ronse, mainly works on paper in ink and pencil that she made during residencies in New York and Genk. Even in her recent work, Hannelore does not shy away from immersing herself in the repetitive act of drawing, which means that Een vogel vliegt op unmistakably contains Hannelore’s signature but also represents a surprising turn in her young oeuvre.

Book and presentation in collaboration with FLACC, workplace for visual artists and supported by the Flemish Government.
Courtesy of Galerie Zink and Gallery Sofie Van de Velde

128 pages, Softcover 21 × 30 cm

Released at 019 Ghent, 9 May 2021

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