posture editions

‘Specimen Days’

Hard cover, 160 p. — € 30
Texts by Martin Germann (DE/NL/ENG)
and Philippe Van Cauteren (NL/ENG)
ISBN 978 94 9126 221 0

Launched: 4 Sep
S.M.A.K. Ghent
exhibition: 25.06 - 04.09.2016


Book 80 p. — € 20
Text by Tanguy Eeckhout (NL/ENG)
ISBN 978 94 9126 222 7

Launched: 18 Sep
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens Deurle

The Biennale of Painting:
26.06 - 25.09.2016

Posture Editions at the Art Book Fair Berlin
‘Specimen Days’
Kasper Bosmans
‘134340’ Joke Van den Heuvel

Mondriaan Fund and Flanders Arts Institute organise a booth in which 30 recent artists books are presented from the Netherlands and Belgium.
Luc Derycke (B) and Roos van der Lint (NL) made the selection. The books are not for sale, only display, but with reference to the publisher or the artists (self-published), so that interested people can find the book.

After presentations at the Frankfurter Buchmesse and Offprint Paris, a selection will be presented at the art book fair in Berlin.

Hamburger Bahnhof
9 - 11 Dec 2016