Book release:
7 Feb 2020 — 20:00
Kunsthal Gent

Nikolaas Demoen

Labyrinth takes us on a walk through the spaces constructed within the pages of the book and visualises a world in which the exit can’t be found.
With the morphology of the house (windows, doors, steps and curtains) and the theatre (curtains, stage, perspective), a world is evoked in which nothing can serve as a point of reference. The experience is similar to surfing on the internet, scrolling through instagram, unfolding the gallery map of Art Brussels or shopping in a French supermarket.
Christophe Van Gerrewey has written a text that actually creates an imbroglio.
All images in the book are woodcuts and printed in letterpress on a Heidelberg KS.
ISBN 978 94 9126 235 7


10.01 – 15.03.2020
Cultuurcentrum Strombeek
Gemeenteplein 1
1853 Strombeek-Bever

Posture on view at cc Strombeek

During 2020, museumcultuur Strombeek/Gent provides a showcase to Posture Editions.
The first edition on view, is ‘Morning Change’ by the artist Heide Hinrichs.


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Launched at the former public library, Ghent
6 Dec 2019

Heide Hinrichs
Morning Change

Morning Change is a book on movement, location and nomadism in the oeuvre of Brussels based German artist Heide Hinrichs. The publication brings together three groups of works, developed over different periods of time between 1999 and 2018, exploring the artist’s recurring interest in these topics.
Morning Change is accompanied by an essay by Elizabeth Haines (University of Bristol).
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Launched at
Netwerk Aalst
9 Nov 2019

Renée Lorie

Noctuary is a photografic journey into undefined landscapes and interiors. The black and white photographs are full of magical moments, uncertain feelings and surreal light. Noctuary is the first publication of Renée Lorie, a Brussels based photographer.
Steven Humblet writes a text on the young oeuvre of the artist.
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