Posture Pockets N° 3

208 pages, Softcover 13 × 19.5 cm
€ 36

Book launch: 31.03.2023 — 20:00
Exhibition: 01.04-14.05.2023

Guy Rombouts

‘Oei’ is the title of a notebook that Guy Rombouts (b. 1949) filled from front to back with the word ‘oei’, during a week in the month of July in the year 1976.
Weaving this word as one long stream of thought through the pages of the book under ever-changing guises creates a primal litany in which mistakes are sung over and over again in all their impossibility.
‘Oei’ is the title of the exhibition at S.M.A.K. (31.03-14.05.2023) in which the artist bridges the early beginnings of his practice and transforms this wondrous word into a total installation.
The facsimile of the notebook ‘oei’ will be published in its entirety at full size as Posture Pockets N° 3.

On the occasion of the exhibition and the facsimile edition of the notebook OEI, Posture Editions is offering a multiple, the OEI sheet < more info >


Posture Editions N° 50

256 pages, Softcover 21 × 30 cm
€ 40

Book launch: Sun 30.04 – 15:00
Be-Part, Paardenstallen, Kortrijk
With a conversation between Barbara De Coninck and the artist

Sat 29.04: 14-18:00
Sun 30.04: 11-18:00
Be-Part, Paardenstallen, Kortrijk

Fabrice Souvereyns
Erased and Not Erased

Armed with pencil, eraser and box cutter, Fabrice Souvereyns (b. 1995) creates a detailed world based on intense observations and perceptions.
Souvereyns’s young oeuvre draws inspiration from the physical world, from fauna and flora and from what is visible to humankind in the skies. In addition, more ‘invisible’ themes also play a substantial role in the work. The influence of, for example, science cannot be denied, while art history also serves as inspiration for the artist’s eccentric plant world.
While working, he is guided by spontaneity, yet the drawings are not simply the result of automatism. Each movement, whether adding or omitting, leaves a unique trace and is a deliberate choice by the artist.

Posture Editions N° 50 brings together these diverse landscapes and functions as a first retrospective work of the young artist.

To pre-finance the book, Fabrice made a limited edition < more info >


Posture Editions N° 51

Book launch: Fri 12.05 — 20:00
at Kunsthal Gent
Exhibition: 17.02 – 14.05.2023

Dieter Durinck
Bootleg Paintings

‘Bootleg Paintings’ is a series of works based on classics of 20th-century painting. In his own way, Durinck translates well-known and lesser-known 20th-century works by repainting them in a combination of bright green and black oil paint. This collection has since grown to some forty works by very different artists: including Picasso’s Les demoiselles d’Avignon (1907), L’usage de la Parole (1927-29) by Magritte, Le movement des billes (1926) by Fernand Léger, Zig-zag Zigzag (1987) by René Daniëls, The Studio (1969) by Philip Guston, Käthe Grüsse (1990) by Luc Tuymans, …. In doing so, Durinck not only pays homage to this history of art but also questions how we come to know and experience these works today, as reproductions rather than originals.

18.03: 11-19:00
19.03: 11-18:00

Van Volxemlaan 354
1190 Brussels

Wiels Art Book Fair

Posture Editions participates in the Wiels Art Book Fair.


Posture Pockets N° 2

96 pages, Softcover 13 × 19.5 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 253 1
Text in Dutch only

Launched at the exhibition:
Convent, 18.11.22 – 15.01.2023

Brieven (1986-87)
Philippe Vandenberg & Franklin Engeln

In the winter of 1986, artist Franklin Engeln addresses his first letter to painter Philippe Vandenberg. ‘Good correspondence is rare,’ Vandenberg writes in his reply to Engeln. What follows is an exchange as flourishing as it is short-lived. The two artists get to know each other at Richard Foncke’s gallery in Ghent. It does not stop at meetings in the gallery. The friends regularly have dinner together and occasionally visit each other at home or at their studios. At the time of the correspondence, Vandenberg lived and worked in Ghent, while Engeln lived and worked in Antwerp, where he still lives and works.
The letters illuminate Vandenberg’s oeuvre in a different way, in which words such as poetry, humanity and tenderness are central. In addition, they offer an insight into Engeln’s little-known work.
The correspondence between Franklin Engeln and Philippe Vandenberg is compiled by Sofie Frederix.

About the book


Posture Editions N° 48

96 pages, Softcover 21 × 30 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 251 7

Launched at the exhibition:
M Leuven, till 26.02.2023

Kato Six
sawing a plank is like going for a walk

On Sunday 11 December, from 14:00 to 18:00, Posture Editions and Kato Six are organising a book event at Kunsthal Gent.

Kato Six will show a series of handmade tapestries and textile works with lines and patterns referring to labour and the act of making. She will also be present to sign her book ‘sawing a plank is like going for a walk’, the book we published on the occasion of her solo exhibition at M Leuven (14.10.2022 – 26.02.2023).

We will bring some recently published Editions and Pockets and invite you to complete the missing copies of your Posture Editions collection, browse the sale boxes or just have a chat and a drink at Kunsthal’s new bar, Sheela’s.

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Posture Editions N° 49

160 pages, Softcover 21 × 30 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 252 4

Sat. 26 Nov.
at the exhibition ‘Morph Allure’, KIOSK, Ghent 17.09 – 27.11.2022

Lisa Vlaemminck
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In her work, Lisa Vlaemminck (b. 1992) explores the boundaries of painting and creates an exciting, vibrating and disorienting universe. In her images, she questions very classical phenomena in painting, such as the landscape and the still life, by freezing them behind semi-transparent layers of paint. We catch a glimpse that feels familiar, but soon find that nothing is what it seems. Vlaemminck’s work oscillates between the microscopic and the interstellar, as well as the amorphous spaces in between. Image, material, shape, texture and form mutate into compositional playgrounds floating in a newly created universe where different laws and rules apply.
On the occasion of Lisa Vlaemminck’s first institutional solo exhibition in KIOSK Ghent, Posture Editions will publish a monograph on her work.

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