Book signing 30 Jan. 2021
14:00 – 18:00

rodolphe janssen Brussels

Sanam Khatibi

This publication focuses on the meticulously painted small still lifes. With the finest brush she applies light and shadow in oil paint to various miniature shapes. The compositions themselves are quite unassuming. Objects loom haphazardly from the golden or black background and seem to sing in polyphony in the vein of Orlando di Lasso, Johannes Ockeghem and other masters of polyphony. (…)
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Exhibition: 11 Feb. – 4 Apr. 2021

Solvay Library Brussels

Benoît van Innis
Instant Light

Planet Earth 2020; the COVID 19 pandemic crisis expands throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Confinement is decreed and ‘even artists’ must go into quarantine. Restriction of personal mobility becomes our reality. But is it a prison or a mad, new playground for the imagination? Besieged by madness? Besieged by impatience? Or overwhelmed by imagination? Through daily sketches, Benoît van Innis (b. 1960) recreates our universal confinement. His drawings are reminiscent of the best Theatre of the Absurd outlined with irony and black humor, bringing relief in the midst of a dense, profoundly disquieting atmosphere. Each scene provokes our shunned subconscious, making the unreal real.
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Exhibition at Kunsthal Gent
till 3 Jan. 2021

Ritsart Gobyn
In Between

Ritsart Gobyn (b. 1985) explores the boundaries of our perception in a subtly subversive way. His paintings on rough, unprimed canvas are covered with shreds of paper, smears and stains, tape, traces of pencil, dirt and dust. They are the traces of the creative process that have gathered on the canvas, while lying on the studio floor.
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With text by Els Roelandt, Fredi Fischli & Niels Olsen
and Jan De Vylder
ISBN 978 94 9126 239 5
€ 40

Jan De Vylder
Wat. is. dit.

The internationally renowned Belgian architect Jan De Vylder (b. 1968) has an obsession for drawing. In the 30 years of his architectural career, he has filled hundreds of sketchbooks with architectural ideas, landscapes, clouds, bottles and countless doodles.
The energy of the restless artist pops up from the pages. Browsing through the different sketchbooks, it’s as if De Vylder is constantly on the move. Indeed, the architect travels a lot and spends time on the airplane filling his Moleskines with unmatched tenacity.
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With text by Dominic van den Boogerd
ISBN 978 94 9126 238 8
€ 38

Bendt Eyckermans
A dream of thirst

Bendt Eyckermans (b. 1994) is a young Belgian painter who paints everyday scenes from his own life. However, in the process of painting, he transforms reality into a very personal language: figures, landscapes and objects turn into an almost sculptural parallel world.
The book Posture Editions will publish, unfolds like an artichoke. As the heart of the book consists of a series of reproductions of the paintings, the reader has to peel off fragments of text and fragments of the painting’s details to reach it. This layered approach seeks to highlight the depth in the artist’s works.
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With text by the artist
ISBN 978 94 9126 237 1
€ 38

On view at the exhibition:
Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K.
Jan Hoetplein 1, Ghent

Meggy Rustamova

This Posture Edition will be the artist’s first monograph and unfolds as a narrative that translates images, video work and essays written by the artist herself. The book offers insight in Rustamova’s eloquent and varied oeuvre from the last decade. In the book, Rustamova’s works are presented in a non-hierarchical manner, focusing on their titles and meaning, rather than on chronology or priority. Conceived as an alphabetical lexicon or an encyclopaedia, the book is accompanied by manuscripts, all handwritten by the artist.
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